What good is it?

Usually, when I write these posts, I like to build up to the point at which I share the Bible verses for the week, then write some clever explanation of how it ties all together.  Well, at least in my head that’s what I am doing…

But not this time.

Right out of the gate, I am going to let you have this nugget of wisdom from James.  It comes from James 2:14.

“What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don’t show it by your actions? Can that kind of faith save anyone?” – James 2:14 (NLT)

Ok.  So, if that doesn’t set you back on your heels for a moment, I do not know what will.  We say that Jesus Christ makes us new creations when we welcome Him into our lives.  Right?  Well, then…does your life look like a new creation?  Or does it look like the same creation who now has a reason to get our of bed on Sunday mornings?  Look, honestly, I am not trying to be “that guy”, sitting up on my high horse and preaching at all of you who aren’t nearly as Christian as I am, in fact, that’s not even close to the truth.  Each time I write a blog post, you know who it is always aimed at?  Yep, me.  The dates and content of these postings were created months ago, yet, every time I see what I am writing about I have to fight off the urge to call Tom Rich and ask him to stop picking on my weaknesses.

But, in all seriousness, you ever just shake your head and think about how applicable the Bible really is to our everyday lives?  It’s thousands of years old, yet it’s as relatable today as it has ever been.  I could not tell you one other book that contains as much timeless information as our Bible does.  So, it is sort of a good news / bad news scenario, isn’t it.

Good news: The Bible is timeless and relevant, and a guide for how to live and how to have an eternal relationship with the very one who created the universe.

Bad news: The Bible is timeless and relevant, and a guide for how to live and how to have an eternal relationship with the very one who created the universe.

Umm…wait a minute.  Isn’t that the exact same thing?  Yes.  So, how can it be good…and bad?  Because of its relevance and timelessness, there is no opportunity for us to pick and choose what we should believe in, or how we should act.  The Bible is as clear about the gifts we receive from God, as it is about what is expected from us by God.  

I am much better today than I have ever been about claiming faith and living faith.  Because of our church, our pastoral team, my connections met inside the church (yes, you, Journey group), and my wonderful wife, Natalie, not to mention our 6 children, I have put myself in a world of accountability.  I know what Jesus expects from me, but sometimes, I will get lazy.  It isn’t just me, I know that, and habits can be hard to break, but if we work on putting more like minded people in our path, this will help us to be the kind of Christian who walks…exactly how we talk.

People are constantly watching those of us, who have publicly proclaimed that we follow Jesus.  And while, some are watching to make note of when we fall, many many others are watching us to see what Jesus is all about.  No pressure, right?

Put yourself in the best possible situation you can to always live the faith you claim.  It’s a daily battle, it’ll never be easy..because we are human, but if we want to recreate Christ’s heart, inside our own, we need to never give up on showing our faith, through actions, each and every moment we get to live this crazy, beautiful, wonderful life, God has given us.

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