Have you been able to recall a time of obedience that you have experienced in your own life and the blessings that come from being obedient?    How do you think Abraham felt when he was told to leave his comfortable surroundings and to go to a foreign place?  The call Abram received as stated in Genesis 12:1  The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.  God promised Abram to make him into a great nation and that he would be blessed and all the peoples on earth would be blessed through him.  Now, that was a mighty big promise.  Abram had to be obedient and do what the Lord was asking of him.  So, Abram packed up and started his journey.

I can relate, when we were moving to Indiana it was difficult.  I felt very sad to leave a place that I thought was going to be home.  My oldest son was in college at the time and it didn’t involve him since he was a Junior and not about to relocate at that time.  My youngest son was a 6th grader and had attended only one school the entire time and this was going to be a BIG adjustment for him.   I had my church, my friends, our new home that we had only built several years ago, my high powered corporate job and thought I was on top of the world.

God does have a way of working on us if we listen.  I kept praying and asking God why?  My hubby sat me down and explained why he felt we needed to relocate and being the good supportive wife I said “ok, but, you will need to sell our house first.”  I thought it would take a long time since our subdivision wasn’t fully developed and why would anyone want our house when you could build a new one with your own colors and choices.  I was sure that this would give me more time….wrong!  Our home sold in less than 2 weeks.

God kept opening every door, the new company paid for movers to come in and pack us up and move us.  We found a home here in Noblesville and I flew back to Kansas City to work and all I had left to do was find my replacement.  I loved my job and my boss was in no hurry for me to leave so I kept working.  My youngest son and I moved in with a good friend right around the corner so it would give me more time to find my replacement at work (yep, one more excuse) before moving to Indiana.   My hubby moved here in January and I didn’t come until May.  Now, was I being obedient?  I thought I was, but, in reality, I was manipulating the situation.

I had already prayed about moving, God did His part, He sold the house and He provided for our every need to make the move smooth.  My heart was torn, I was not quite ready to move away from all my comforts, plus our families were only 6 hours away. We could jump in our car and go visit our relatives in Oklahoma on a long weekend.  I had all the excuses and justified, in my own mind, that I needed to be in Kansas City.

Then the day came, I got the call.  My hubby called and when talking to my son, he promised him a puppy if he would relocate to Indiana.  Well, you know the rest of the story….he wanted the puppy, so we traveled and made Indiana our new home.  Finally, God worked through my husband, who worked on me, dangling the new puppy as his tool to get us here.  My lesson in all of this is what blessings would I have missed out on had I not been obedient and followed where God wanted me?  God uses all kinds of tools to get our attention and in this case it was a little puppy.  Being obedient can be hard sometimes, but it also provides many blessings.  Just ask me about it sometime and I can share the rest of the story.


Sherri Stetnish
Connection Director

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