Provider & Provision

Do you ever stop to really think about the fact that the God of the universe wants an intimate relationship with you? I know that more often than not, I certainly take this wonderful truth for granted. The Lord not only desires this, but he provided the Way for it through the death, burial and resurrection of his only Son. When I question the Lord’s goodness and purpose in my life, this truth helps center me.

Psalm 103:7 is a short verse, but one that contains a glimpse into the heart of God and the desire he has for an intimate relationship with us. It states, “He revealed his character to Moses and his deeds to the people of Israel.”  Moses had the privilege of getting to the know the Provider intimately, where the people of Israel only knew the provision.  Moses got to know the character of God – who he is and why he does what he does. The people of Israel only knew what he did.

This verse convicts me so much. Am I content with only receiving the things God provides, or do I want, more than anything, God himself?  Do I love the Lord more for who he is, or do I love him because of what he gives me? As a dad, if my girls only wanted to spend time with me and get to know me because of what I provided them, I know I would not feel loved. I would feel used. How the Lord must feel the same way.

Yes, what the Lord provides is wonderful and worthy of our praise and thankfulness, and he does take great delight in providing everything that we need. However, if I am only focused on this, I will be like the people of Israel and only get to see the deeds. The Lord created us for so much more – an invitation to know him intimately. May this be our life-long pursuit!

Jay LeBlanc

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