Thursday Reflection: Chapter4: Deliverance

As I was reading Chapter 4 and reflecting on the Egyptians and Israelites many thoughts came to mind.  Thoughts of how incredibly stubborn and ruthless Pharaoh was when it came to the Israelites.  Pharaoh was a powerful man that could make final decisions.  Being rude and arrogant and just right down hateful to the Israelites because he didn’t know or respect their God was just evil.  The Egyptians forced the Israelites to do their work, not listening to their needs, and basically keeping them in daily oppression was harsh and unjustified.

Moses and Aaron took their message to Pharaoh, as directed by the Lord, to state the Israelites’ case.  What was the result?  More hard work and more oppression.  There are times when I feel hardships too.  At times things appear worse and I feel as if my nose is just above the water in a raging storm and I’m treading as fast as I can to get to the other side.  I think these “tough” times are the times I feel very close to the Lord.  He wants us to come to Him and depend on Him, trusting and obeying.   He has delivered me in so many areas and I have to trust and remember that He will continue to deliver me from difficult situations.

I am a good whiner.  I believe the Israelites were good at whining too.  Afterall, they whined to get bread, meat and water.  Duh, did they really think that the God who delivered them from the Egyptians was going to take them out to the dessert and not provide for them?   We thank Him for our meals each time we sit down to eat.  We lift up prayers for the things we need.  In the Lord’s prayer, we pray “Give us today the food we need”, and we know that God is going to provide our daily needs.  Why do we sometimes doubt?  Why do we second guess Him sometimes?  We can’t provide certain things, but, He can.   And God will generously provide all you need.  Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others. 2 Corinthians 8

I have to come clean, there are days when I am just like the Israelites, feeling sorry for myself because of something I think I need and God doesn’t provide it in my timing or at all.  I’m reminded in His Word, that he will generously provide all I need.

So today, let’s all thank Him.

Thank you Lord for all you do for us and for all our provisions.  Thank you for your good Word, for allowing it to be alive in our lives and how you walk with us throughout our days.  Help us to be reminded of how you are the mighty one and only “I AM” and our deliverer!

And all God’s children said: Amen!

Sherri Stetnish
Connection Director

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