Sunday Reflection: The Brilliance and Mystery of Creation

The creation story is a fascinating one to me on a couple of fronts. Earth is a wonderful, fascinating place. There is nowhere else like it in our vast universe. It was made just for us a gift from our creator. I think once in a while we get a glimpse of what our planet is supposed to be like. For me, it is seeing the sun come up. For whatever reason, maybe it’s the air pollution, Noblesville has amazing sunrises. The best part doesn’t last long so you have to pay attention. The sky goes from a blinding yellow and calms to a bright orange, then settles down into pinks and finally shades of sky blue. Forrest Gump was telling Jenny about running across the desert and seeing mountains’ reflections in the lake and he said, “you couldn’t tell where earth stopped and heaven started.” What an incredible day it will be when we see the earth for what she was made to be.

There is a great story of a brilliant scientist who understood the laws of physics better than anyone before him and since him. He was fascinated with time and space and how they interacted. Early on he didn’t have much use for God or religion. However; when he was much older after years of studying the laws of physics he had this to say. “The more I study science the more I believe in God.” – Albert Einstein. It’s interesting to me how often this occurs. The more humans discover they more they are led back to God.

Being created in the image of God. What an incredible thought. Being created like the creator of our universe, the one who put billions of stars in the sky, the one who created rainbows, waterfalls and sunrises over fields of wildflowers. What a privilege it is to be put together this way. Sometimes thinking about this makes me shameful; I have this built in potential and what am I doing to reach it? Other times the thought gives me a sense of hopefulness. “I am created in the image of our creator, and there is nothing I can’t achieve.

Steve Guenin

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