The Story @ WRCC

I can hardly describe how excited I am for our church to be going through “The Story.”  Beginning the weekend following Easter we will launch into our 31-week experience as we read, teach and discuss the story of God’s love and pursuit of us. Here are some quick tips for getting prepared for this adventure:

  • Get a copy of “The Story” – we are selling hardbacks at cost ($5)
  • Commit to read one chapter per week
  • Attend services every weekend as we teach and preach through “The Story” (if you miss, check us out on the web!)
  • Join a Life Group to discuss “The Story” and be part of a group where you are cared for and challenged
  • Make sure your whole family is involved

Our heart is for us to grow in our knowledge of God and his Word! In doing so, our lives will be transformed as we begin to know God better and better (Colossians 1:10).


Keith Comp
Spiritual Formation Pastor

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